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Best looking espn female reporter

Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. In my new book, The Power of Sports , I draw upon dozens of interviews to look at the barriers female athletes and journalists face. In other words, ratings are often generated by hyping the games. When ratings go up, it justifies the use of those resources. So when a WNBA game gets punted to an obscure cable channel and has a low production value, it sends a message about priorities to audiences. In other words, ESPN claims to be amoral on questions of gender equality.

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Top 10 Hottest ESPN Reporters

Like every other profession, women are proving to be a tough competition for men in journalism also. ESPN the greatest channel of sports journalism has many attractive female anchors, analysts, contributors and reporters.

It is always said that the sports reporters are valued more for their beauty more than their talents. But many reporters have managed to prove a perfect combination of beauty with brains. Below are the top 10 most beautiful, hottest and famous ESPN reporters in Nicole was employed initially for covering auto racing for ESPN. Nicole entered the world of sports center anchoring in the year The beautiful and attractive reporter got married to the Indycar series driver Ryan Briscoe in Hawaii in the year Cassidy pursued her education at the University of Illinois.

Brittany May Britt Mchenry was born on May 28 in the year Britt is known for spellbound beauty and her intellect. Britt is currently working as a Washington, DC based reporter.

Britt got caught in a verbal abuse controversy. A video was leaked on April 16, in which Britt was seen making outraging remarks and disrespecting other employees for which she later apologized. Maria Taylor was born on 12 May, Maria attended the Centennial High School and was felicitated with many awards in her four year career. Maria was awarded with an athletic scholarship to the University of Georgia.

Maria joined SEC networks in the year Maria worked as the sideline reporter for ESPN in the year Maria is also the cofounder of Winning edge which aims to educate the people and women belonging to ethnic minorities. Antonietta Gonzales Collins was born on 22 November in the year Antonietta was born in Mexico City, Mexico. Antonietta is the daughter of a very famous television reporter Maria Antonieta Collins.

Antonietta pursued her degree of communication in the University of Mount Union. Antonietta worked at local TV stations in Florida at the start of her career. Antoniettajoined ESPN in the year Antonietta made it to success in a very short time due to her dedication, hard-work, beauty and intellect. Elle is an American anchor, host, reporter, actress, writer and a television personality. Elle began with her career as an intern with the two live stews which is an American sports talk radio show.

Elle after a year was hired to host a show by Ryan Cameron. She worked there as a traffic reporter. Elle joined NESN in the year as an anchor, reporter and host. Elle also made an appearance in a movie in the year ; Ride Along as a news reporter. Jaymee Sire was born on August 25 in the year Jaymee is a sportscaster who was working for ESPN. Jaymee also worked as a sideline reporter for the Golden State Warriors.

Jaymee in her successful and dedicated career produced and hosted A Day in the Life. Jaymee started working as the reporter for Sports Center from May 5, Lindsay is an American sports anchor and reporter. Lindsay received her degree in online journalism from James Madison University. Lindsay even worked behind the camera for CNN. Lindsay married Craig Melvin. Kaylee has double degrees in journalism and politics from Washington and Lee University.

Kaylee due to her double degree is covering both sports and politics since her graduation. Kaylee succeeded Samantha Ponder on the Longhorn Network. The Louisianan beauty is a mixture of beauty with brains.

Olivia Harlan has proved that she is much more than a beautiful face. Olivia completed her degree in less than 4 years and took charge of her career. The list above will give you an insight about the 10 hottest reporters of ESPN in These ladies have succeeded tremendously in the men dominated profession. These women make us believe that dedication and hard-work can make you taste success in any profession. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Table of Contents Nicole Briscoe 9. Cassidy Hubbarth 8. Britt Mchenry 7. Maria Taylor 6. Antonietta Collins 5. Elle Duncan 4. Jaymee Sire 3. Lindsay Czarniak 2. Kaylee Hartung 1. Olivia Harlan. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!

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ESPN reporter Edward Aschoff dies at age 34

As DoubleGSports. Sometimes a flaw and made me as hard as I am and push myself to be relevant and make sure this is the job I stay in. I feel very lucky and fortunate to have been raised and grow up in a small town between the Tappan Zee and George Washington Bridge.

The Broadcast Announcing Worktext provides you with the skills, techniques, and procedures necessary to enter this highly competitive field of broadcast performance. In addition to the principles of good performance, this book addresses the importance of audience and how to communicate effectively to various groups. Television and radio studio environments, announcer specializations and responsibilities, and developing a broadcast delivery style are just a few of the many topics covered.

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The Best Female Sports Reporters

Anyone ever had multifocal bilateral pneumonia in their early 30s as some who never gets sick and has a very good immune system? Asking for two friends Edward Aschoff was my other little brother and I don't have the words to fill the hole in my heart tonight. This is how I'll remember Ed: Happy, vibrant, fun. We should all strive to enjoy life as much as he did. I'm a little hesitant to share, so I hope it's ok. But in the wake of Edward Aschoff's passing, maybe his memory can motivate someone who sees this. It's an email from He'd become one of ESPN's top college football reporters. Chase your passions

On-Air & Executive Bios

The very idea of a woman being included with relation to even talking about sports on TV was considered ludicrous at the time. For almost three decades, this trend continued, and it wasn't until that a female had a prominent role in network sports broadcasting. Some were viewed as mere "eye candy", while others garnered awards and critical success. Phyllis George was the winner of the Miss America pageant who was invited by CBS to join the network as a sportscaster in

Top 20 Sideline Reporters All-Time:.

Like every other profession, women are proving to be a tough competition for men in journalism also. ESPN the greatest channel of sports journalism has many attractive female anchors, analysts, contributors and reporters. It is always said that the sports reporters are valued more for their beauty more than their talents.

Female sports journalists still face rampant sexism on the job

Four sports broadcasters whose names have been celebrated everywhere from the sidelines to the studio have a few things in common when it comes to their rise through the ranks of sports journalism and what they have learned along the way. Oliver, a Fox NFL sideline reporter who is widely considered to be a trailblazer in sports media, started as a reporter covering agriculture and science before tackling football. Oliver remembered a former news director who told her the move from news to sports would be "the biggest mistake" of her career.

ESPN has been the worldwide leader in sports for decades now. Whether or not you agree with the politics of a lot of its left-leaning hosts or reporters or its few right-leaning personalities , you have to acknowledge the network's ability to produce both quality television and talented personalities. The network employs hundreds of individuals who make a living in front of the camera, not to mention the thousands who work behind the scenes, but for this article, we're only interested in the beautiful women who grace our screens during football, baseball, basketball, and hockey games - or tennis, golf, NASCAR, and heck, even bowling and other fringe sports. We're sure ESPN looks for talented individuals regardless of gender or looks, but make no mistake, a beautiful blonde is going to get the job of sideline reporter over someone who isn't quite as beautiful by traditional standards. Is that an unfair practice? But it likely isn't going to change anytime soon and, with that in mind, we may as well celebrate the beauty of its talented hosts and reporters, of which there are plenty.

ESPN reporter Edward Aschoff dies at age 34

When the average American citizen finishes a long day of work, they might give their kids a big hug. Or they might cook themselves a steaming dinner while they talk about the hardships of the day. After dinner, many of them turn on their television sets to watch a sitcom, drama, or more often than not — a sports channel. From big games to fast-paced highlights colorfully narrated on Sportscenter, when one watches anything to do with sports, the experience is never complete without a commentator or reporter on the scene. These storytellers can be sideline reporters, color commentators, as well as analysts on ESPN. When sports broadcasting emerged in the s, it was mainly the men who got all the gigs. Ever since then, women have become staples in the sports reporting world, and their presence has become an important step toward much needed diversity in the world of sports. In the 21st century, the world of women sports reporting has flourished strongly, and there are countless notable names who have helped this process along.


While professional sports is still very much a man's world, the same is not always true of the sports journalism world, especially not when it comes to the pinnacle of sports journalism: ESPN. Freakonimics questioned why this is, when broadcast crews are largely made up of middle-aged men. On the bright side, there have been many female reporters over the years, including SportsCenter anchor Lindsay Czarniak and sports journo wunderkind Olivia Harlan, who have managed to merge beauty with brains.

Edward Aschoff, an ESPN college football reporter known for his lively blog posts and thoughtfully reported features, died on Tuesday after a brief illness, the network reported. It was his 34th birthday. Aschoff had contracted pneumonia about a month ago, according to his social media posts.

ESPN radio host and anchor Scott Van Pelt recently announced that he had renewed his contract with the network, putting an end to speculation that he could be fleeing for a rival network. This is great news for him, the network itself and especially for viewers. ESPN is currently in negotiations with high profile talents such as Erin Andrews and it was just announced that Michelle Beadle will be departing , but Van Pelt, though not as pretty, would have been the most difficult to replace. His daily radio program and regular seat at the anchor desk for SportsCenter fill more airtime for the network than Andrews and Beadle combined.





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