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Best looking female sports announcers

Can we talk? Seriously, can we hold a mature, adult conversation today? There are things going on in the sports world that we need to discuss, but we can only do it if we agree up front to be mature about it. Maybe you've heard about Karrine Steffans, the controversial best-selling author? Before she penned "Confessions of a Video Vixen," Ms. Steffans was best known in the sports and hip-hop worlds by a vulgar nickname.

SEE VIDEO BY TOPIC: 20 Hottest News Anchors Who Will REALLY Distract You

20 of the Hottest Female Sports Broadcasters

There are numerous sports being played in the world and receive huge attention around the globe. They attract everyone as well! Note: List is random, not in sequence! One of the most prominent presenters on ESPN.

She really is a hot woman journalist we have here. Before turning herself up for journalism, she was keen to play sports but she never made it to the top. Currently she is the part of FoxSports network and hosts their TV show. Kristine Leahy is one of the attractive and hottest women reporters in our list. She was a freelance reporter at first, but soon she turned herself up for a better career position.

She is a really hot female sports reporter. An absolutely prominent reporter of SkySports UK who has appeared in numerous shows about football. Georgie Thompson really has an attractive hot personality.

One of the hottest women sports reporters. Quiet experienced and one of the hottest women sports reporters. Previously, she was involved in writing text on the news ticker. Sara Cabonero is a hot Spanish sports reporter who has appeared on-field in many football matches.

She have completed her studies from University of California and also worked as an intern in Warner Bros Records. When she returned back to England, she began to work as a presenter in Sky Sports network. Later, she enhanced her career at full-time job level and worked as a Field Reporter for Fox Sports. Multi-talented with major experience at news reporting and presenting particularly in sports category. A well-known and super hot sports reporter in US who has a great experience of sports journalism.

Charrisa moved on to ESPN where she co-hosted multiple shows. She mainly works for Sky Sports since Besides, she has also worked for many other news networks in UK. In , she returned back to Sky Sports and presented Live News for days approximately per week. Widely known as one of the hottest women sports reporters in the world. She is not a full-time reporter, but she has covered the Inside Edition.

Jimena Sanchez works for Fox Sports Mexico and honestly she is one of the incredibly hottest reporters in sports. One of the extremely hottest women sports reporters of all time. She even writes for ESPN. Her appearance is what makes her one of the hottest female reporters in the world. Hayley McQueen has a great posture and her appearance is what makes her much known as one of the hottest female reporters. She has got a degree in Journalism and have also worked for various news networks.

She has also been a official TV presenter for Manchester United and have appeared in numerous other TV shows regarding sports. Minding up! We have Marisol Gonzalez finally as one of the hottest female Sports reporter in our list. She has also covered Super Bowl for multiple times. Hot stuff! All of these are the hottest ladies! Sports Information Hub. Farhan Memon. May 25, More Sports , Popular on SportsBeem.

Niki Noto Palmer Before turning herself up for journalism, she was keen to play sports but she never made it to the top. Kristina Fitzpatrick She was a freelance reporter at first, but soon she turned herself up for a better career position.

Rock the Mic: The 25 Hottest Female Sportscasters

There are numerous sports being played in the world and receive huge attention around the globe. They attract everyone as well! Note: List is random, not in sequence! One of the most prominent presenters on ESPN.

Gayle Gardner born ca. Gardner is considered a pioneer in sports broadcasting, having been the first female sports anchor to appear weekly on a major network.

This list, though, focuses on just the ladies sorry ladies ; and my, was this a great one to write up! The brands have developed huge reputations over the years, and are a go-to source for millions of fans. Both these companies have some of the best women in the industry in their employ. And as mentioned before, they must be responsible for a few million fans each keeping close tabs.

Rock the Mic: The 25 Hottest Female Sportscasters

Women and their allies are taking bold steps towards achieving gender equality in the workplace. In my new book, The Power of Sports , I draw upon dozens of interviews to look at the barriers female athletes and journalists face. In other words, ratings are often generated by hyping the games. When ratings go up, it justifies the use of those resources. So when a WNBA game gets punted to an obscure cable channel and has a low production value, it sends a message about priorities to audiences. In other words, ESPN claims to be amoral on questions of gender equality. Its obligation is to simply give the audience what it thinks it wants. Might this color the way female athletes are portrayed? One review highlighted some notable disparities. When talking and writing about female athletes, commentators tend to focus more on their emotions.

15 women sportscasters you should know about

These days, you can turn on your TV sets , go to any sports channel and find a hot and gorgeous lady giving the latest scoop on your favorite sport. Yes sir, the women have invaded the profession previously dominated by men. She hosted the season of Battlebots. Born in Phoenix, Arizona, Samantha Steele began her sportscasting career in , working as a sideline reporter for PAC and Big 10 College football and basketball games.

Sports broadcasters add color, stats, info and so much more to watching sports on TV.

But the incident also drew attention to another aspect of the sexism that women who are sportscasters confront regularly: that of the carefully constructed, perfectly feminine, never-too-threatening image that seems to be such a requirement of the job. Consider that, before the recent Cam Newton incident, Rodrigue could hardly be considered a household name. Nor has Rodrigue appeared on any magazine covers wearing a bikini or a green bustier crop top and bodycon miniskirt , as has the popular Erin Andrews who recently made headlines for wearing a sequin blazer on the field.

40 Hottest Female Sports Reporters

One first we have yet to see is a major network permanently putting a woman in the booth for NFL broadcasts. I looked forward to Monday Night Football broadcasts the way you look forward to The Bachelor : for the drama, dysfunction, and to be able to talk about it with my coworkers the next day at the office. Almost half of all football fans are women.

Lesley Candace Visser born September 11, is an American sportscaster , television and radio personality , and sportswriter. Open network broadcasts. Visser, who was voted the No. Visser [4] was the first woman to be recognized by the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the recipient of the Pete Rozelle Radio-Television Award which recognizes long-time exceptional contributions to radio and television in professional football. Pro Football Hall of Famer Troy Aikman said about Visser in his induction speech, "[She] brought respect and professionalism to the field of journalism for her work in print and broadcasting. It makes me proud to be in [her] company today.

Lesley Visser

When the average American citizen finishes a long day of work, they might give their kids a big hug. Or they might cook themselves a steaming dinner while they talk about the hardships of the day. After dinner, many of them turn on their television sets to watch a sitcom, drama, or more often than not — a sports channel. From big games to fast-paced highlights colorfully narrated on Sportscenter, when one watches anything to do with sports, the experience is never complete without a commentator or reporter on the scene. These storytellers can be sideline reporters, color commentators, as well as analysts on ESPN.

See more ideas about Female, Erin andrews and Sports women. Alex Flanagan - The 25 Hottest Sideline Reporters Right Now News Anchor, Right Now.

There are tons of them out there, working in different countries, covering different sports, and each of them are super-hot. Here they are, 15 female sportscasters that we deem to be hotter than Erin Andrews. Heidi used to take part in beauty pageants, but is today known for the beauty she brings to our screens. Meghan Kluth is relatively new in sports broadcasting but we're going to venture to say that you're probably going to hear a lot more about her int he near future.

Hire Women As Announcers in NFL Booths

There was a time when female sportscasters were far and few in numbers. If there was a beautiful woman talking about sports, she would be snatched up within a month and turned into a model, actress, etc.. Nowadays, hottest female sportscasters exist in every sport and country in the world. Here is a list of some most attractive and charming women sports reporters.

Top 10 Hottest Female Sportscasters






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