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I also went to Goa alone as a female last year - from beginning of Aug to end of September, so around the same time! I wrote a really honest post about my experience as a solo female traveler during the low season which is June - Sept, I think you'd find it really helpful: …blogspot. I would also recommend getting a guide book and finding out about scams, touts and general advice Spend enough time on TripAdvisor. Choose your destinations and restaurants where you ll spend most of the time.

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I can assure you there will be follow-ups to this list of travel to India for tips on solo female travel in India. Below are 14 tips for solo female travel in India. If you want more tips, I have a whopper of an ebook , words about traveling India. Get a copy here. Udaipur is a dream. With so many stunning places to visit in India , why do people back home have thoughts of slums, rape, and danger? I get it. First and foremost, I strongly recommend signing up for travel insurance simply because you never know.

I use World Nomads, which you can check out here. State Department because the country was considered dangerous at the time. The list goes on and on, telling me how to prevent from being raped, what to wear , and not to ride in a taxi alone, especially at night.

Imagine knowing nothing about a country and reading that information… would you want to plan a trip traveling to India or choose a new country? Unfortunately, that might be all your parents or family members read, and it might be the only thing that is portrayed in mainstream media.

Take the State Department with a grain of salt. When you dig further they also give advice similar to the US for women but start out with:. Most visits are trouble-free. It seems much more positive. PS: Coming to Goa? They say men take it as a come-on. Let me tell you something, some men here take even eye contact as a come-on. I smile and wave. Many of my male Indian friends have confirmed that these boys will show your photo to anyone who will look and tell the story of your lovely night together ew or they will use it for umm, more personal photo-shopped media ewwww.

I still take photos with men, but I will do a group photo. I saw this family in 2 different states a month apart! One of many photos posed for at the Taj Mahal. Try to ignore it. Because although the world is telling you they want to tear your clothes off, sometimes they really are just curious!

First of all, let the men know. I have been the only girl on buses in India , I have rode buses alone at night in Delhi and I have had very few, hardly any, problems. When I have encountered a problem a sneaky little ass-grab , I went bat-shit crazy on the men and they cowered, embarrassed by their actions.

Stick with what you know ; Be sure to read my safety tips for transportation in India. This way you can sleep in peace! I also take a mummy liner to sleep in and a travel pillow , like TRTL. Bus in Northern India. Worst bus ride ever, so crowded, so cold, SO many stares. Keep in mind, the overnight local buses and sleeper class trains are like being in a fishbowl. It beats having to deal with the rickshaw drivers fighting over who gets to take the tourist at 10x the real price.

Most guesthouses will pick you up for free. Not a possibility. I cannot begin to understand what they really get out of that, but regardless they love it. Resist the urge to bitch-slap. Very bad! I let the people around know what he did. Do NOT hesitate to go to the police for eve-teasing.

This is not only happening to Western tourists; they do this to Indian women too. Police take it very seriously; they even have a special force dedicated to stopping this crime. Many times, Indian women are afraid to go to the police because they may be blamed or judged. As a tourist or even an Indian woman, help out by making law enforcement acknowledge these crimes. Imagine how much more go unreported. Keep in mind in villages in India some things that happen are very inhumane to not just Westerners, but Indians alike.

Young girls have been forced to marry their rapists in rural areas. They do. It could just be because the friend needs a lift.

Your friend cannot come. I had a bad experience staying with an Indian man in Delhi, and from now on will be staying with other expats or with females. Do not clump all Indian men in the untrustworthy category. Like any country, there are good and bad. Keep an open mind, be friendly, and keep smiling. I struggled writing this post because I hate for India to have a negative image, but these are the things I would tell a friend of mine if she were to travel here alone.

They have plenty of different trip itineraries and tours that you can check out here. Have you traveled India solo as a girl? What was your experience like?

If you meet an educated guy you can tell him the truth, but not strangers. This list seriously makes my trip to Turkey seem like a walk in the park. I wish I could have been flattered by the offers to whisk me off to Cyprus and get married but seriously, barf.

Excellent tips for females traveling alone in India. To be honest the only state that I recommend females to travel to is Goa where safety is far higher possibly because people are aware that tourism drives the state?

The mainstream media do like to pick on India though, which is funny when rape in western countries is incredibly high given better political governance. And I agree Goa is safest, but I think females can travel other places alone safely if they stay vigilant.

This is a dangerously misleading thing to say. Vigilance can help you only so far. May be after that, you may have to resort to taekwondo, but ultimately, prevention is better than dealing with rape! Hi Rachel, As you know but others might not I lived in Delhi for over a year and coped perfectly, and have written a blog entry in the past with advice not dissimilar from yours :. Glad to see someone else who understands! I was keeping a ring on my finger here in Goa at times, but a pic ended up on FB and everyone back home thought I was engaged!

This is great advice! Once on a bus in Peru I had an incident with a guy just being a jerk, and I stood up to tell him off. Good for you with the Peruvian! Hi Rachel, I think Indian women stand up to it too. The advantage of making a scene is that no one will side with the losers who do that. It is very common for women to stand up to it, that we regularly see those guys given nice beatings by the public present there, by you urge them to help you.

They are shamed on television. The govt encourages women to stand up to it too. Because,by not standing up to it ,you will only encourage them to continue their nasty disgusting habits.

Ranju, I have to correct your views. I am a female and, naturally, have been harassed in India. But, not on the streets. No one sides with you. A crowd forms around you and men stare at you as though you have committed a crime by yelling at your eve-teaser.

You have only yourself to rely on. The attacker may stalk you later and there is also a threat of an acid attack. This behaviour is extremely common today when the misogyny and violence of men against women have become bolder.

Police do not listen to you either. They ask you what you were wearing, whether you were alone, what you were doing and do not file a FIR. They ask you to let the case go as it is trivial.

This is what prevents most women from fighting back. In India, it has come down to luck. Tragic and alarming! Yes, I said only to make a scene when on buses and transportation where there are other families women around- not on the streets, which is the same thing you have said.

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Dates are little flexible. Kindly check and let me know. Travel date is June 1st week. Looking for a travel companion for my mom. She is travelling from Atlanta to Hyderabad on June 9. Please contact me if anyone has flight booked for that day. I will be travelling in June along with my 14 months old infant.

24 year old female travelling Delhi to Chennai in a month.

I can assure you there will be follow-ups to this list of travel to India for tips on solo female travel in India. Below are 14 tips for solo female travel in India. If you want more tips, I have a whopper of an ebook , words about traveling India. Get a copy here.

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I usually go solo when not travelling with family and most of my tickets are planned last minute. I just end up with a post in whatsapp groups from my b school asking if people are interested to join me. Never tried these groups as such. Thanks Kartik.

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Then Chennai Travel Club is the right place for you to meet like minded travellers from Chennai. What kind of trips can be organised in Chennai Travel Club? Where do you usually travel? We travel anywhere and everywhere. By being a part of this group you will be receiving regular updates about upcoming activities. Disclaimer: No content that is harmful to minors, obscene, objectionable, or in violation will be tolerated and may result in removal from the group.

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Women's safety is often a major concern for female travelers visiting India for the first time, especially those traveling solo. Horror stories are common. However, the reality is that not all of India is the same. While sexual harassment is prevalent in north India, it's noticeably less so in the south. And, in Tamil Nadu, it's almost absent.

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