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Get your financial house in order, learn how to better manage your money, and invest for your future. Here, please treat others with respect, stay on-topic, and avoid self-promotion.

Come chat with us on IRC! Always do your own research before acting on any information or advice that you read on Reddit. Other Severely broke, need money fast, what do self. I was going to post a whole long story of my situation but there's not much point. I'm out of work and looking for a job. Even if I get a job tomorrow I'm not likely to get a paycheck for that much by then. I live in a city and have a car which meets the requirements for ridesharing, but it's filthy inside and out.

It's also very cold here so cleaning it up myself is not an immediate option and I don't have the materials to do a decent job anyway. Hesitant to drop the cash to have it done professionally as there is very little cash to be had.

My parents are somewhat well-off but I've already hit them up for a big chunk of money, which has gone to past bills. Plus I'm 30 years old so I'm not exactly keen to ask for more. I have no debt and good credit, but don't really know how to use that to my advantage.

As for skills I'm a stagehand and carpenter. Been freelancing for a while but it is obviously not cutting it and work is scarce lately. I have two liberal arts degrees that have done me very little good in eight years. I'm also a moderately good guitarist who occasionally gets paid to play small bars, but I have nothing lined up on that front until February. I'm healthy and pretty strong. Has anyone managed to pull out of a tailspin like this?

If so, how? Also looking for any LEGAL side-hustle ideas, related to my skills or not, that can put cash in my hand quick. No job but really trying. Please help me figure this out.

Came to suggest the Plasma. That would be half of your goal before the 17th. A few standard sperm donor requirements include a college degree, minimum height of 6 ft, ability to write a solid essay about yourself, and producing a high number of sperm that survive being frozen.

That could be a good short-term option until you get on your feet. Another good way to make quick money is to post on craigslist as a handyman. Or, if there is snow in the next week, that is a great way to make quick cash, especially if friends or family have a snowblower you can borrow.

What city are you in? In Minneapolis there is a group called Workforce MN that matches workers to employers, and they specialize in situations like yours. I was in a similar spot years back, and walked in saying "I'm broke and need a job that pays by the day", and I got a phone interview and hired on the spot. It was for menial minimum-wage labor, but hey, that was enough to keep me afloat until better opportunities came along. Also consider task rabbit for carpentry side gigs.

If uber eats is available in your city, you can try that since your car doesn't need to be spotless. Typically these places don't just let you immediately work for them. You first have to pass a background and insurance check, and then take an orientation. Typically takes like weeks from application to ability to work.

Your comment has been removed. Mentioning that you are willing to receive PMs for referrals is also not allowed. This removal will not be reversed, but you may repost without mentioning referrals at all. If you repost with a link to a referral thread or do anything else to work around this rule, you will be banned. I have been in several of the rideshare cars that I would describe as filthy.

Their problems were mostly that they obviously had issues with throwing things away and vacuuming. Would going out to your car with a garbage bag and removing the trash and then vacuuming every square inch of the inside make it somewhat presentable?

Simple tidying often works wonders. If there is snow where you are, offering to shovel driveways and the like of neighbors may be a good options since you are strong. If you have any thing that could fetch a price on Craigslist that is available to sell, that is also a source of quick cash. Just keep it tucked on the edges and over the back.

Or just pay one dollar to use it. Unless you live in antartica it's never too cold to go outside to clean your car. Two liberal arts degrees, living off the parents money, car capable of doing rideshare which means it's fairly new to qualify , plays guitar sometimes A garbage bag, a few bucks spent on a gas station car vacuum, a roll of paper towels and some cheap cleaner could probably get most cars fairly clean.

If it's too cold to wash the car, it's probably too cold to stand outside with a guitar for 6 hours: unless there's an indoor mall with a friendly policy towards buskers, which is rare. I'm still trying to comprehend how you can't clean out your car because it's too cold outside. It's actually a statement about how there is almost always a reason that you can't do something, if you really don't want to do it.

It's too painful and miserable to try and vacuum and wash the interior and floor boards while you're bundled up in thick winter clothing and surrounded by snow, slush, and salt. And it's not smart to clean the exterior unless you can dry the car in a heated environment unless you want a sheet of ice covering your car.

If i have to take my pick between cleaning a car in the cold, or not making rent, i can pick pretty quick I think it comes down to the fact without a garage it would be pretty hard to logistically do it, but yes I'll concede it's not impossible.

But definitely impractical and especially so if it's something you'll have to do every day or other considering ride sharing means you're having multiple people track in mud, snow, salt, and slush. I'm not trying to make excuses I'm just saying it's not that far fetched for it to be too cold to clean out. Although the way he worded it made it sound he wasn't too concerned about the constant upkeep and mostly the initial one.

Right well that's not how it works, also since when is Uber the only way to avoid homelessness? It was F near me a few days ago and if cleaning my car meant I would have money for rent, I would've been out there cleaning my car. Would it be unpleasant? Would it make it more difficult?

Would I still do it? When you have no job, a car that qualifies to drive for Uber, and rent is due in a few weeks. Right well that's the thing, it's not the difference between making rent and not making rent. When you have a more than just inconvenient and nearly impossible task, which is detailing a filthy car outside in weather that calls for an extreme warning and shuts down construction sites, it makes sense to just do something else.

When some one who's job is to work out in the elements, and is dressed accordingly with thermal clothing and multiple layers can't work because it's too cold.

It's not really going to work out for me to spend a few hours out in the same weather with jeans and a jacket on trying to lug a vacuum around in snow and slush. Why are you people so focused on this as is being an Uber driver is literally the only way to make fast cash?

He ruled it, out, gave a valid reason as to why he can't ride share, and asked for suggestions. General laboueres wanted one day of work cash. I've mad rent and I don't have frostbite, and now I have a month to start a job and get on a paycycle. I'll assume you mean heat? You can't clean a car with the doors closed, so no, cranking the heat won't make any difference.

That still doesn't resolve the whole vacuum situation, it's kind of hard to handle and deal with if you're in a giant puffy coat with gloves. Not to mention where do you rest it? Depends on OPs location. I have wanted to clean my car for weeks because it is white and filthy but if I wash it right now my doors will literally freeze shut.

Personally though, inside cleanliness is way more important. So borrowing parents vacuum is a great idea. Everything is out of their control. Yaa, some bad decisions have been made here! He needs a life makeover. Ditch the dream at 30yo that is done. Quite simply, then, you haven't been to places which are cold enough, and it's outside your experience. There aren't many places where it's too cold to grab a bag and take the coke bottles out of your car, but there are plenty of places where trying to actually wash the outside would involve the water freezing on the car.

Although I'll concede that if you live in the latter area, nobody gives a shit if the exterior is dirty: with all the salt and grit, no car stays clean in that climate in winter anyway. My best advice would be sell anything you possibly can Plasma, old clothes, electronics you don't absolutely need, etc. Take good pictures in good lighting if at all possible. Omg seen so many people saying plasma and it's only just hit me that that means blood plasma and not a plasma TV.

What an idiot I am Get a job delivering pizza.

14 Ways to Save at Costco, Straight From Employees

It shares a color palette with their calls to action and creates an eye-catching effect. You've not attempted to contact us at all to resolve this issue, please send us a message by using the chat box on the bottom right-hand corner of our website and we'll get this fixed as soon as possible. CorelDraw Graphics Suite. It's a place to share resources, solve … -- I'm happy to answer any questions about starting an eCommerce business, drop-shipping, marketing, Chinese suppliers, or anything else. We can set up a Dealer web site for you!

So how would they scrape the money together? Most told the Fed they would try for a bank loan, use a credit card, or make a potentially embarrassing request to family and friends. Two percent of respondents said they would take out a payday loan.

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This includes random jobs, online employers, remote work, sites that pay you and ways to monetize websites. These are sites and strategies that will yield the user minimum wage or better and allow them to provide for themselves. Don't just submit a referral link. When posting work-online opportunities via a text post, provide the details in the post as opposed to asking members to DM for more info. Most likely it's because you have a new account with not enough Karma built up. Your Reddit account must be at least 10 days old and you need to have at least 10 karma. List of Micro Job small task sites. Content Mills Writing. Has monthly rewards distributed by its mod. My full-blown beginner's guide to making money online self.

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In fact, the top goal of marketers today is to increase their traffic and lead generation. They enter with the best of intentions and leave with scars, bruises and, worst of all, a worse ROI. Well, the reason is simple. Most Redditors visit the platform to explore serious and silly topics. Everything from Fitness subreddits :.

It can be dizzying to sort through personal finance podcasts, books and blog posts. I mean, which personal finance experts should you trust?

Get your financial house in order, learn how to better manage your money, and invest for your future. Here, please treat others with respect, stay on-topic, and avoid self-promotion. Come chat with us on IRC! Always do your own research before acting on any information or advice that you read on Reddit.

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Naked Apartments. With over 20 years experience, eXcell places candidates at some of the biggest companies in North America. Reddit's Female Dating Strategy offers women advice — and a strict rulebook for how to act. She came to Twitter in search of a place where all stories can have value and reach, and everyone can tell their own story from their own perspective.

Night mind reddit. Depending on the variation of The Game, the whole world, or all those aware of the game, are playing it all the time. Texts From Last Night: Remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? We do. Mine is a self-proclaimed "Genius Sniper", as well as being a sharp-tongued and quick-witted member of the assassin's group, Night Raid. Free your mind and get paid for creating content, driving traffic and referring friends.

Need Cash Fast? Ask Reddit

Get your financial house in order, learn how to better manage your money, and invest for your future. Here, please treat others with respect, stay on-topic, and avoid self-promotion. Come chat with us on IRC! Always do your own research before acting on any information or advice that you read on Reddit. Other Severely broke, need money fast, what do self.

And it's not just shopping; save some even more cash with our 20 Ways to Lower Your Restaurant No, according to one Costco employee on Reddit. Tips to improve your shopping experience right now. "You can buy the whole base box if you want for a comparably cheap price, as mentioned above," added 84awkm.

But over time, being an active member at Costco can save you some serious green, both in money saved and extra perks that go along with holding that little membership card. Of course, saving even more money is the goal, so we rounded up some of the best and some little-known tips from Costco employees who will help keep more of your hard-earned money in your pocket! You finally plunked down the cash on that hand mixer or cutting board you've been eyeing forever, but that was last week, and now you see it's on sale. Are you just a victim of bad timing? No, according to one Costco employee on Reddit.


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