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I want to be a confident man

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C onfidence is particularly hard to get right. Still, we try. We exaggerate on traits we think sound like confidence, but are nothing more than an empty facade. We go for exuberance, for grandstanding, or even aggressiveness. And we miss the mark. By a mile.

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The Secret to Being a More Confident Man

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The good news is that this is, scientifically speaking, total and utter bullshit. And I should know — because I did it the hard way.

In my late teens and early 20s I was so full of insecurity and self-doubt that it led to depression, and desperation. In an effort to finally feel better about myself, I started trying everything I could possibly think of to improve my mind, body, social skills and style, and kept at it until I developed a deeply rooted, authentic and unshakeable sense of confidence and self esteem.

By following the principles laid out below, any guy can go from a life of self-doubt and insecurity to one of strength, style, character and confidence.

Guys, I know: the very notion of starting a workout plan — even a modest one — can intimidate a lot of people. For instance, try doing just five push ups every morning before you hop in the shower. Five big ones. Why even bother? Slightly healthier? Yeah — very slightly. Marginally stronger? Yep, just marginally. But better off? When you look at it like that, there really is no reason not to do something small, quick and easy each day if you know it will lead to a net gain.

But the good news is that starting to do pushups was actually the hardest part of the whole sequence. For Week 5, add five sit ups into your routine. I will never send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. You might not think that reading books would make you a better conversationalist, and I was pretty skeptical at first, too. But what I found was that learning more about how people communicate — and how they think, feel and behave while doing so — was a huge help.

It got me over a hurdle I had previously never cleared successfully, where all I could think about while in a conversation was myself : How was I being perceived by my conversation partner? What if I put my foot in my mouth?

And what in the hell was I going to say next? Reading books about how to interact with other people helped me realize that my conversation partners are just that: people. They have insecurities, wants and needs too, and thinking about them as vulnerable human beings who wanted to be heard really helped me feel comfortable with both them, and myself.

Try choosing an area where you lack confidence and punch that specific thing into Amazon. One word of caution: in the self-help section of any bookstore, there be dragons. Actually, that makes it sound too cool. What there actually be are hundreds upon hundreds of titles that offer shitty, nonsensical feel-goodery that will purport to take you on a magical journey, but ultimately just take your time and money.

I struggle. In a previous post I outlined a method you can use to feel and look more confident every time you leave the house: by creating what I call a Personal Style Profile patent pending. For instance, one of my style icons is Steve McQueen , because obviously. So instead I take influence from him and some of the pieces he made iconic — like Persol shades, the Barracuda jacket, shawl collar sweaters — and find 21st century versions of these things that fit me and my style.

For our prehistoric ancestors, exclusion from the pack could mean fewer resources, less protection from predators and ultimately an early death. Thanks for nothing, Darwin! I know firsthand how intimidating it can be for an introvert to start putting himself out there and start interacting with people. Start small, build slowly but consistently, and damn near any goal is attainable. An earlier post I wrote about how to become more social is a great place to start.

I saved the best for last. Hands down, the best way to feel better about yourself is to do something nice for someone else. Try it. Set a goal to undertake three random acts of kindness each day. Try it for a week and that joy will have increased sevenfold. When not blogging, he loves working out, obsessing over the MCU ILoveYou and pretending to know about wine when his wife takes him somewhere fancy.

I really appreciate the message here. Thanks Bill! I feel the same way. My first book coming out later this spring is actually about exactly that — how self-confidence is self-made. Great question, Collin. Then you can go out and find the books and resources that will teach you how to improve.

I think it depends on your own level of commitment. The circuit I recommend is designed to ease you into it so that working out a little bit each day feels easy and natural.

By the end of it, going from an at-home circuit to a gym workout will be a much easier task than starting from scratch. But with all of that said, not everyone needs it. You may be the sort of person who can start working out this week and never turn back.

You just have to ask yourself what you would prefer to do: spend a few weeks easing yourself into a new habit, or spending money on a gym membership to commit yourself to going right away. How to Become a More Confident Man. And you can too. Dave Bowden. Hey Martin, I think it depends on your own level of commitment. Let me know which one you choose, and how you make out!

31 Powerful Signs of a Confident Man

Sometimes I find myself filled with so much self-doubt that it becomes crippling. For the next minute, think about how you see yourself. On the whole, how much self-confidence do you have?

When I step on the soccer field, and know I am playing a team who I am clearly better than, I do some of the most amazing things I have ever done. Ever had a night out and you seem to be catching the eye of every girl in the bar.

Confidence is something we all struggle with from time to time. We hear those whispers of self-doubt and begin to doubt ourselves because of it. Building up our own self-confidence is a critical part of being successful in the workplace, however. Science Daily reported a study by the University of Melbourne involving over interviews from various large corporations in Toronto, Melbourne and New York. In the study, professional participants were asked to describe how confident they were during certain periods of their lives.

The 8 Signs of a Confident Man: Are You on Track?

Just what are the signs of a confident man? And more to the point, what characteristics or traits do you need to develop in order to join his ranks? It took me more than a few years to find answers to those questions. I wish I could tell you I finally figured it out after years of careful study and the obtainment of a phD in human nature. But the truth is that it was as simple as closely observing the kind of extremely confident, self-assured men I wanted to become, and making note of what set them apart. The impact of understanding the signs of a confident man definitely helped me accelerate my own confidence-building. Once I had a clear list of the characteristics that confident men possess, becoming one myself was simply a matter of going through the list and developing as many of their traits as I could. And you can do the same. Check out the list and ask yourself which of these confident characteristics you already have, and which ones you need to start developing. Confidence and kindness go hand in hand.

Helping Men To Feel Confident

So you are wondering how you can be a more confident man. Perhaps you are curious about how you can raise your self-esteem? If you answered yes to these questions, know that you are not alone. In fact, most men struggle with confidence at some point in their lives.

Because of this, your confidence is due to falter from time to time. Here are 16 easy ways to feel more confident today.

The good news is that this is, scientifically speaking, total and utter bullshit. And I should know — because I did it the hard way. In my late teens and early 20s I was so full of insecurity and self-doubt that it led to depression, and desperation. In an effort to finally feel better about myself, I started trying everything I could possibly think of to improve my mind, body, social skills and style, and kept at it until I developed a deeply rooted, authentic and unshakeable sense of confidence and self esteem.

10 reasons why confident men are more attractive

If I had the confidence, I would wear my style and not be worried about what people said to me or the looks they gave me. I feel like having confidence is an essential part of finding your style. I wore glasses too tiny for my face. I went through a big plaid phase.

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Mental Health. You might not think you have it, but anybody can learn to have more confidence. The Guyliner talks you through the ways to embrace your weaknesses, read the room and come out a kinder, more confident gent. If only we could flick a switch and instantly be more confident. But how would it feel? How would you know if it had worked?

How to Date as a Confident Man

Look at yourself. Who do you see? Superhero, muscles bulging, cape flying—ready to conquer the world? You might not be superhuman, but you can combat the villain of low self-esteem. Self-confidence is a state of mind that can be achieved through intentional action. Allotting time to nurture your mind, body and spirit preferably one hour a day can be done in a variety of ways. I prefer to read, exercise and meditate in the morning.

Feb 8, - Confidence is not something everyone is born with. Most of us have to work at it.

Have you ever had the thought, " If only I were more confident as a man then I would get that raise at work, the pretty girl would give me attention, or I would be able to pitch my business idea and find investors. Let's be honest at some point in life if you probably had some form of thought along those lines. The desire and value of confidence is something spread far and wide throughout men. Sure they might not overtly say, " I wish I was more confident.

There are a lot of ingredients that go into becoming successful with women. You need to make her comfortable with you. You need to have the right status in her eyes. You need to know what to say, and how to act.

Confidence can come across in many ways. So how does one learn to be confident? This is one of the main differences between being a true leader and a pretender. At the same time, there's an important distinction to be made: Being in tune with my instincts does not mean acting impulsively.

How you are going to spend the time?

Think about it, no matter what the world throws at you, knowing how to handle such scenarios at the spur of the moment requires confidence. And since our daily lives continuously throw us negative qualms, showing positivity and optimism even during the darkest of moments is certainly an attractive quality. Remember, there are a lot more positive than negative things in life to be reminded of. Of course, no one likes a dictator, so having the charm and charisma to be a leader comes as a part of the confidence package. Which is why confident people on the other hand tend to have close friends, and the even luckier ones have many of them.

Your confidence shows through everything. It speaks louder than the car you drive, the condo you live in, or the way you dress. Your confidence can open doors for you in life, and lack of confidence can close them again. So, what marks the differences between a truly confident man, and one who is just trying too hard? Not to intimidate others, but in a naturally strong stance regardless of who is present.


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