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Leo woman virgo man in love

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Email address:. The Virgo man and the Leo woman possess two very different personalities. The ways these two view and approach life are opposing each other. So, if they are to be together, they need to be very careful. This is an unusual combination, because one is known as the narcissist of the zodiac and the other as modesty itself, the Virgo man Leo woman relationship is not impossible, since the two are very attracted to one another. They may have very different personalities, but these two also have a great chance at lasting long as a couple.

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Virgo Man and Leo Woman – Love Compatibility, Marriage

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Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Peter could be exceedingly polite also …. She was much pleased, and bowed beautifully to him from the bed. Do you think, perhaps, that bowing before the Lioness as she lies languidly in her bed is asking too much of her Virgo lover-friend-mate-husband?

In a good marriage, all four terms apply, and are interchangeable. Back to the question. It may possibly be asking too much of him, but it could never be an excessive homage to pay to her. I sense some of you smiling, others laughing aloud in disbelief. Never mind, astrology will, as always, have the last word. Those males of any Sun Sign whatsoever who are reading this, and who have a Leo wife, I double-triple-dare-you to try it tomorrow morning.

Try it, and see for yourself. Some Leos demand it, all of them desire it — and not a one of them will ever refuse it. Have you pictured it? You have, and it makes you sad? Hang on to your hanky. This man must have order in his life and his surroundings, or his nervous system goes haywire. Practical and conservative by nature unless the Moon or Ascendent in his nativity is in a Fire or Air Sign , he abhors waste and extravagance.

He worries about his health, frets over details, and when his patterns are broken or even momentarily interrupted, it brings on dizziness and a tightness in the chest.

He panics when his personal possessions are mislaid or destroyed. Loud voices and dramatic emotional scenes tear at his tranquility. Or at least, mercifully unconscious. Now, picture a man possessed of such set habits, such methodical ways and delicate emotional stability, in love with a Lioness, who also loves him, yet insists on spending twice as much money as they both earn to buy every luxury she sees that appeals to her, rearranges his desk and his bureau periodically and throws out his favorite socks and ties if the colors should happen to displease her, without bothering to tell him.

Add a few more brush strokes to the picture. The Lioness will be wounded because her mate falls instantly asleep in the manner of one enduring a complete nervous collapse without kissing her goodnight. To criticize this woman is to guarantee trouble. One might think it would be easier to take from the man who loves her. Not so with the Leo woman. It hurts even more when the man she cares about finds fault with something she does or says, with her appearance or her personality, than when others disapprove of her.

The only way to change the Lioness is through subtle hints, using the utmost tact, never by outright criticism, and certainly not by nagging. The choice is clear-cut, and his to make. An affectionate word or two, spoken at the right moment, will bring forth her sunny personality in all its brilliance. She might remind him that perfection itself is an imperfection, removing the charm of contrast from life, all the exciting textures formed by light and shadow, leaving only a flat surface, dull and unexciting.

But she should explain these things to him gently, not arrogantly, taking care to respect his opinions too — and really listening to what he says when they talk, instead of simply waiting for her turn to be heard.

There will be times when his lovemaking is too unresponsive and mechanical for her more spontaneous desires, then her visible disapproval will add to his humiliation and discouragement. He needs to allow himself more freedom and enthusiasm in his sexual expression to know that lovemaking is meant to be an intimate sharing, with no fear of rejection, not simply a guarded, partial release of feeling — that the overwhelming experience of physical blending between a man and woman is more than simply a controlled exchange of affection.

She needs to realize that passion can sometimes be a quiet thing, like a whisper. But his spirit lives in a peaceful stillness. The cool, marble halls of his reflections are a restful place for her own spirit to visit and sometimes he does things, in his quiet manner, which are really extraordinarily touching.

I wonder what would happen if she surprised him by bringing him his breakfast in bed some morning? It should be very early, before dawn, because he might think of a special way to thank her that could take a long time..

Post Pagination Next Post Next. Leo Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Like it? Share with your friends!

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Leo Woman and Virgo Man Love Compatibility

Leo and Virgo. You may meet and feel attracted to this man when you are feeling unappreciated, down on your luck in love and unsure about yourself. If you are a Leo woman who is more rational and less emotional, you will be in a more favorable position to deal with Virgo.

Such a graphic representation is what we call a birth chart, a natal chart. An astrologer has to create one, in order to analyze what it has to offer and, thus, tell something more about your destiny.

Leo and Virgo compatibility has its beginnings on shaky ground in friendship, love, and in bed. It seems the worlds of Leo and Virgo are realms apart. Both have different life views, goals, and ambitions. Both parties have intriguing and appealing personalities. Yet, they can make a love connection in the face of challenges.


The relationship between a fiery masculine sign and an Earthly feminine sign, may surely show a peculiar connection, which can tell us a lot about the Virgo man and Leo woman compatibility. The Virgo man is ruled by the planet of Mercury, which is also known as the Messenger of the Gods. It signifies the day to day communication that is involved with people around. This makes them expressive of their ideas, thoughts and opinions in an effective manner. The female Leo is ruled by the huge Sun itself, which depicts one's higher self, a sense of high-spirit and the persona one exhibits. The fire element in Leo astrological sign , makes her brave, courageous, fierceful and spontaneous, while the Earth element makes him sensible, reliable and a down to earth person. He is a loyal, faithful, trustworthy and a reliable individual.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Love Compatibility

Are the Virgo man and Leo woman made for each other? Know about the love compatibility of Virgo man and Leo woman. Give a Virgo man and a Leo woman a canvas to paint on and you will see a clear differentiation in their styles. If they were to express themselves through color, it would be easy to spot their work by simply examining their choice of colors.

Donna Roberts.

Virgo and Leo are next to each other in the zodiac. Signs that are next to each other do not have anything in common, and in most cases, are not compatible by zodiac sign. There are some exceptions to this rule, but a Virgo man and Leo woman are not one of them. The differences between them are such that it is unlikely that they will get together.

Virgo Man – Leo Woman Compatibility

Leo female and Virgo male are two very different individuals. They experience strong affinity towards each other but they also experience strong differences in their personality which often lead to conflicts. If they both agree to keep their patience levels high and make compromises for their association, then they can make it happen.

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Virgo and Leo are side-by-side sign and they have different elements as well as different modality. This can result in lack of understanding between them in the beginning. But with a healthy dose of tolerance, this relationship can be handled. With different needs but common goal to have a life time partner, these two can work well with each other. A Virgo man is very clean, tidy and completely practical person with steadiness in everything he does. His life is always in order and to live in chaos makes this man physically ill.

Leo Woman Virgo Man Compatibility

The positive aspect of this Virgo man compatibility with Leo woman, is and they trust each other a lot. They know that none of them will do any wrong to the other, as one is as sensitive and compassionate as dating other is, which adds to the formation of a good bond between them. The understanding between dating Virgo man and Leo woman is such, that they may either blend into one another, or just part ways, as they do and have much similarities in their attitude and leo of living. For example, the Virgo man may have a lot of issues with the Leo leo spending way too much money than she should. For and is a simple and, who is virgo and logical in his methods, while she is someone who loves to spend lavishly, and live extravagantly with a lot of luxuries. This makes him virgo worried and tensed, as he is prone to be, and to his zodiac sign , which may have a negative impact on the Virgo man-Leo woman compatibility. If there is a and connection between Virgo and Leo , physically and emotionally, they will enjoy a great sex life together.

Apr 13, - Both Leo and Virgo are devoted lovers but have very different ways of showing their love. (To assess the compatibility of your Leo/Virgo love, check the degree of the sun in your birth charts.) Man and Woman Embracing.

As two rational signs governed by pure consciousness they could easily agree on the way their sex life is supposed to look like. Still, the shy nature of Virgo and their caution when it comes to choosing a sexual partner might make it difficult for them to find a language they both understand. Leo wants to be with a partner that makes them feel special and even more confident than they already are, and this is hard for Virgo to give. Their rationality might turn into an intellectual battle for sexual dominance, that is, if they ever reach the point in which they both want to have sex with each other. It is a good thing that Leo is a fixed sign, so they have a conservative note to them that suits Virgo.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman Long-Term Compatibility

Linda Goodman is renowned best selling astrologer who has written books on Astrology and in depth knowledge of Signs , which has redefined the way of Astrology. Peter could be exceedingly polite also …. She was much pleased, and bowed beautifully to him from the bed. Do you think, perhaps, that bowing before the Lioness as she lies languidly in her bed is asking too much of her Virgo lover-friend-mate-husband?

Virgo Man And Leo Woman

The Virgo man normally turns his nose up at the kind of flamboyance the Leo woman exhibits, and she is typically after a great deal more excitement than the unassuming Virgo man can offer. Sincere Depths. The Leo woman seeks to be adored at all times, and she also wants to be the center of attention.

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Leo and Virgo are neighbors on the Zodiac. Both signs are pragmatic and particular. A "late" Leo and "early" Virgo share many common traits, so the chances for domestic harmony are best when Leo and Virgo meet at close degrees. Both possess a strong work ethic.

Virgo Man and Leo Woman


Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility


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