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Prayer for getting my boyfriend back

Dear God, I am still in love with my ex. If you are listening to me, you know the pain I am going through. You know the number of times I have cried and my current situation. I love him a lot. I lost him due to my short temper and my big ego, and he also behaved badly in the end. But somewhere deep down even you know how much he means to me.

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Prayer to get my ex boyfriend back

Dear God, I am still in love with my ex. If you are listening to me, you know the pain I am going through. You know the number of times I have cried and my current situation. I love him a lot. I lost him due to my short temper and my big ego, and he also behaved badly in the end.

But somewhere deep down even you know how much he means to me. Please give me ONE chance and I will keep my ego aside and love him even more. I will be nice to him and respect him for the many good qualities he possesses. May he love me truly this time and not just be infatuated or something.

I really want him back in my life. My condition is so bad that I can do nothing but pray for the recovery of my situation. I want my sweetheart back. Lord grant me this one request and give me yet this one opportunity to be with the only man I ever trully love Lord.

Please jehovah answer abd hear my prayer. I wasup front andhonest with my boyfriend. I want a new start for our relationship. I know he loves me and I love him. Being true is always the best way to go in a relationship. I ask you jehovah from the bottom of my heart for him to forgive me asi have him. Show him that I am for him and we can have a blessed life together. Dear, Jesus I ask and believe in ur holy name, please, give me and William one more chance help us to put u first father. I know u fixing work things out please stop the devil right now.

Please, before the sun goes down put use back together a men. Let his children accept it in ur name Jesus. Please Jesus touch his heart deep about me amen dunt let him be happy with any other woman. Jesus, I beg u to make him miserable to we r back together amen. I been praying god asking for forgiveness. Please in ur name god Jesus bring him back fast. I will work marriage and a church amen. Love I jesus god. He has low self-esteem issues money worries and lack of faith.

I pray we can talk and straighten this entire misunderstanding out. It was never my intention to hurt him. Dear God Please bring my ex boyfriend back. I feel we still have unresolved issues. As far as I know he has met someone else but I miss him like crazy. I felt he acted quite immature when he called it off. Thankyou and bless you. In this case how can I get him back and i want to marry with him.

I know Ive done so many wrong things and Im sorry for everything. I still do love my ex boyfriend I want him back in my life please help me O Lord to bring his love back.

Just another chance to prove how much I love him and care for him. Im sorry if Ive been too selfish Its my fault that he fell out of love.

I promise to change Lord God just give us another chance. Please let him be mine again. Dear god. Please pray that michael and i can talk and get back together i love him so much and cannot live without him. Dear god, please bring my love back to me. Please forgive me for all the sins I have done and bring him back to me. He will make everything ok. I feel I have no choice right now but I need support too and strength. I need to feel loved and protected especially from you and him.

Please guide him back to me and make him love me. He has his good and bad qualities like everyone but he needs to stop playing with my head and my emotions.

He knows how much I love him and he plays with that. Make him see that I am genuine and that I do love him and need him. Just want to be able to show him how special he is and that even though he has done bad I will help to make us both right.

I pray to the Lord on heaven that I get my beautiful hearted boyfriend back. I was so mean and unwilling to compromise on small Issues that I lost could have possibly lost the love of my life.

I need you to open up his eyes and give me another chance to make it right even if we Need a little bit of space I just want him to come around and realize I need his good spirt in my life. I will never ever treat him bad ever again I will treat him like how a man should be treated. I also pray for every other person who is going through similar situations. Give me a chance to make it right. Thank you to the Lord above and may God bless all of you. I just want to die. I love him so much God please make him want this relationship again.

Please re light the spark and love he had for me. The last we spoke he said he has it in him. God please I beg you God help me for I have been in pain for so long. Please God get rid of my misery today. So when I wake up tomorrow he wants me and loves me again.

Dear God I ask that my man comes to me. I destroy all evil forces that are stopping us from being together. God I ask for your interference in my situation, heal me God, heal me by bringing him back to me.

I promise to change my attitude towards situations that have gotten me to be here on my knees begging for Tim to come back. I ask that we may be willing to serve you and forgive each other and find strength in you.

Lord I put all my battles in your hands, I put Tim into your hands. Dear God, i am sorry, i know i have been needy, desperate, short tempered and impatient. I understand now why he left me and he had every right to do so because of those qualities. However, i know in my heart that i can make him happy. To have someone in his life to understand him, prioritize him and take really good care of him.

I promise to do all those things if given a second chance. Anthony de Padua and St. Jude Thaddeus please intercede my prayer. I will be forever mindful of this great favour, to always honour thee as my special and powerful patron, and to gratefully encourage devotion to thee. In this case how can I get him back and i want to marry with him?

I want to marry with him.. I come to you today just like i have for the past month. I am hurting God, I miss my boyfriend so much, I still love him and I miss him. I know we are meant to be together bc he was a blessing in my life, you brought him to me when i most needed him.

Your word says my lord that you know the desires of our hearts, that you know what we want even before we ask you for it. You my Lord know how much i need him, how much it hurts not to be with him. Please Lord, I ask that you give me the strength I need to keep on praying to you so you could heal my relationship.

I know that as long as i have you on my side, everything will be ok. Please Lord, bring my boyfriend back, I pray to you in Jesus name. Dear Lord God, I ask that you open your heart and hear me as I say this prayer Lord after everything, I know I have no right to ask it of you, but please give me and him one more chance.

I know I was nasty and very bossy and I know that sometimes I am not a very good person, but Lord, I open my heart to you and ask that you help me to change that. Please bring my love back to me, and let me help him find you again. I forgive his behavior an he remains in my heart spirit.

9 Ways to Get Your Ex Back

Francesca, from North Carolina requests prayer: Please pray for ex-boyfriend, Colby, and I to reunite as one. We strayed away from each … Remember not to blame, complain, criticize, judge, condemn, belittle, uncover, or curse them but just speak blessings to them. Totus Tuus, Maria invites you to share your prayer requests with others in this page. Be with me, and help me understand him. It has been such a painful year for me.

Love everything around you, and the love MUST come back to you - a hundred fold! The Power reveals the greatest force in the universe, and exactly how to use it - for better relationships and for everything you could ever want.

Here is a selection of sample prayers to be used in combination with the Magic of Making Up system. A whole book of prayers for getting back together — Click Here! O Lord, source of all wisdom and understanding, help us to work through our differences and be reunited as one. I am always thankful for Your love and guidance.

Prayer To Get My Love Back Fast

Today I come to you with this heart: this tired heart, this big heart, this silly heart that keeps giving itself away. Why do you let us get cheated on, mistreated, broken, and left? To look for love like your love? To be strong in loss? You brought this wonderful man into my life. You let me fall for him, let my heart become intertwined with his, let our lives grow together and shift and change. You allowed me to have feelings, deep feelings that sometimes I question looking back. Maybe you brought him into my life to teach me how to let others in. Maybe he was supposed to be a blessing for a time, but also a lesson. Maybe he was pulling me away from you, so you let us fall apart.

Prayer to get ex boyfriend back

Wow Am so excited that Dr Ikhine the powerful spell caster brought my ex lover back to me within 2days after leaving me for the past 6months I was frustrated until I met Dr Ikhine who help me to cast a spell that brought her back after telling me that there will be some items needed which I decide to try and to my great surprise it work for me and now am so happy and my ex lover has just bought me a brown new car which he has never done before thank you very much Dr Ikhine for what you have done for me and if you need help like me contact him on email agbadado gmail. I'm so greatful for the effort dr. I will always be grateful. After 14 years of Broken marriage, my husband left me and our two twins.

I hope what you find here helps you out. My friend TW Jackson likes to point out that the intense emotions you feel after your boyfriend has broken up with you will only drive him further away, if you aim them in his direction.

But it is not enough for some people. How can I get my love back now by dua? It would not possible by insecure feelings. You should take powerful Wazifa dua worship prayer to bring your lost love fiance soulmate lover man woman come back.

Prayer to bring my boyfriend back to me

When we fall in love, we never plan on letting that person go even in our imagination. We think that, no matter what happens, we are never going to part our ways from the love of our life. But there things which can make us apart from our lover and they can make our love life disgusting.

It is hard to believe that your relationship has ended in a break-up and that person that you cherish is no longer coming back. For most people, the only way to cope with a broken relationship is to let the person go and move on. However, all is not lost because you can recover the lost love. All that you need to do is make a simple prayer for someone you love to come back and believe that God can restore the relationship. The word of God challenges us to bring all our needs to God, and there is no limit on what you can ask God to do for you.

Prayer for someone you love to come back


Mar 17, - Pray for patience, because it will take a while to get back your ex girlfriend or boyfriend. You have much work ahead of you, to heal and plan.


Prayer To Get My Love Back Fast


Prayer for love to come back




Prayers to get ex back


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