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The woman in white on masterpiece

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Access to this video is a benefit for members through. The Woman in White. Walter Hartright, a young drawing master, encounters a ghostly woman dressed all in white on Hampstead Heath. He offers her assistance, but is later shocked to discover she had escaped from a lunatic asylum. The next day, Walter leaves London to take up a teaching post with the Fairlie family in the village of Limmeridge, Cumbria.

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‘The Woman in White’ Review: A 19th-Century Tale for Our Political Time

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The BBC has gone even further back than Agatha Christie for its new Sunday night literary adaptation — and seems to have learnt a few lessons in the process. Instead, it stuck to the business of retelling a story which is one of the great Gothic mystery thrillers. But on the way home, he encounters the Woman of the title Olivia Vinall — distressed and fearful, but rambling about the house where he is to be employed. He later learns via an overheard conversation between a constable and two mysterious men in a carriage that she is an escapee from an asylum.

Arriving in Cumbria, he finds one of his pupils, Laura Fairlie Vinall again bears an uncanny resemblance to the woman he encountered.

Sensing that Marian wishes to protect her half-sister, and that the family is concealing dark secrets, Walter lets matters lie. But he finds himself increasingly captivated by the elemental surroundings, and his two pupils — the liberated, pragmatic Marian fond of playing billiards, having a drink and even questioning a man's opinion and the artistic, ethereal Laura - "an Adam with two Eves", as Laura puts it.

Like the multi-narrator novel, the adaptation sets up a beguiling sense of disorientation. Every relationship is fractured and unnatural and no one can be above suspicion. Sign in Edit Account Sign Out. Updated Friday, 6th September , pm. Sign up. Thanks for signing up! Sorry, there seem to be some issues. Please try again later.

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The mystery and suspense of ‘The Woman in White’ comes to Arizona PBS

Robbie Amell , star of " Upload ," explains why you can't miss the latest from " Parks and Recreation " creator Greg Daniels. Watch the video. In Victorian England, Laura and her half-sister Marian are entwined in a terrifying web of deceit. Laura's doppelganger, a mysterious woman dressed all in white, may hold the key to unlock the mystery. A young painter stumbles upon an assortment of odd characters at an English estate where he has been hired to give art lessons to beautiful Laura Fairlie.

The BBC has gone even further back than Agatha Christie for its new Sunday night literary adaptation — and seems to have learnt a few lessons in the process. Instead, it stuck to the business of retelling a story which is one of the great Gothic mystery thrillers.

When Walter Hartright played by Ben Hardy encounters a ghostly woman dressed all in white on a moonlit road, he is drawn into a web of intrigue that will transform his life forever. Offering his assistance to this distressed, spectral woman he is later shocked to discover that she had just escaped from a nearby insane asylum. Shortly afterwards, Hartright takes up a teaching position in the Cumbrian village of Limmeridge. Over the next few weeks, Walter and Laura form a strong attachment for one another. However, she is promised in marriage to Sir Percival Glyde, a charming local baronet with a secret he will do anything to protect.

The Woman in White on PBS: What’s Behind the Dark Mystery

Sir Percival goes to violent lengths to get his hands on Laura's fortune, while Marian starts to suspect there might be something sinister behind Count Fosco's charming facade. Catherick hints at an irregularity with Sir Percival's parentage leading Marian and Walter to the church where his birth was registered. The baronet goes to desperate lengths to stop them. Count Fosco and Sir Percival's plan is set in motion with tragic consequences. Marian and Walter make a horrifying discovery as they seek justice for Laura. Check out what's streaming this month. See the full list.

The Woman in White review – the Victorian classic updated for the #MeToo era

If Wilkie Collins were alive today, he would undoubtedly be in Hollywood, demanding hefty fees for screenplays that cater to a lateth-century taste for glossy luridness. As it was, Collins was a British lawyer who spent most of his time writing novels that catered to 19th-century popular tastes and often appeared serially in a magazine run by his friend Charles Dickens. Two of Collins's works are well remembered today and well represented this season on ''Masterpiece Theater. Then in March, viewers in most parts of the country saw an ambitiously unsettling version of ''The Woman in White,'' which fits nicely into the latter-day genre of psychological thriller. Viewers of Channel 13 in New York can watch it tomorrow night at

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PBS mines the past for ‘The Woman in White’

Walter Hartright receives a letter from Frederick Fairlie requesting that he restore his art collection and tutor his nieces at Limmeridge House in Cumberland. Before he leaves for Cumberland, he meets a woman dressed in white, who tells him she used to live at Limmeridge. Shortly afterwards the woman rushes away and boards a coach. Some time later Walter overhears a conversation between a policeman and a coach passenger suggesting that the woman is deranged and has escaped from an asylum.

The five-part series premieres Sunday, October 21 at 10 p. Photo: Steffan Hill. The night before he leaves London to journey to their estate many miles away, he has a chilling encounter with a ghostly, nervous woman dressed all in white. Moments later, he learns the woman has escaped from an insane asylum. After confiding in Marion, Walter discovers that there may be a connection between the sisters and the strange woman. Marian remembers their deceased mother writing about a young girl she knew in the village.

TELEVISION REVIEW; In a Gothic Tale, the Evil Feels Modern


Directed by Tim Fywell. With Tara Fitzgerald, Justine Waddell, Andrew Lincoln, Susan Vidler. Based upon Wilkie Collins' Victorian mystery, the gothic tale tells of  Rating: 7/10 - ‎1, votes.


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