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What female celebrity are you most like quiz

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How much do you know about dinosaurs? What is an octane rating? And how do you use a proper noun? Lucky for you, HowStuffWorks Play is here to help.


What Female Celebrity Are You?

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Please leave empty:. It's completely crazy and unpredictable. Very dark and shy, Indie style. Very skimpy and trashy, but I love looking like that. Very modest and bohemian, but at special events I try my best to look glamorous. I wear wigs to make it different, but naturally it's black.

Originally it's brown, but I've dyed it a couple times. Long black hair that I like to poof. It's very curly and blond. Sometimes I straighten it. My unique and dramatic style! The beautiful blond hair on my head! The guy I'm rumored to be dating. As always. Being on a popular reality TV show. Singing a mix of country and pop music. Pop music! Starring in a blockbuster film series, and a few Indie flicks too. Maybe something pretty, like a fairy. A slutty costume, like a sexy policewoman.

Something unexpected, like a ketchup bottle. Classic costumes, like witches and ghosts. Not something I did, but something someone else did to me.

Something that offended people. My music videos. A run in with the law. It depends on how you look at it. I'm pretty bad, if I say so myself. Good girl! A bad seed, definitely. Good guys, so I don't get in trouble. Someone who respects me. Total party boys. I don't really have a type. Sort of. I speak my mind but I don't crave attention. Not really. Not at all! I am always in the spotlight. Carrie Underwood. Paris Hilton. Avril Lavigne. Christina Aguilera. Comments Change color. Erik I got Kristen Stewart.

Emma I got lady Gaga. Luna I'm Kristen Stewart. Yasmine I got Taylor swift my very favorite singer in the world I am so happy omg. Jaylah BTW I got Snooki. I am a bad a seed! That sure was a story! How fun can it get! Gemma I got away! The End Untill next time. What an adventure! Meeting Halsey, playin, games, Wow! Sounds really awesome! The End. Jenna-Lee What did we just say? You wanna go? Well you're gonna have to!

Marcus That was a cool and stupid story! Allie And there it ends. Dalyla No you are not leaving your staying right here! I'm leaving! This was not a story! That is where the story ends. You got it girl! Best friends forever!

Best friends forever? Is that what you were gonna say? Oh my gosh hi! I AM a little sad that Halsey left. But I know that we are still best.

But I am! Hi Dalyla! How are you? I do not think Halsey is here. Halsey are you still there? Halsey please! Delete this comment Cancel.

What Famous Female Celebrity Are You?

The female celebrity has become one of the most impactful figures in our culture during the 21st Century. Whether it is an inspirational performance on the big screen or a stellar victory in the sports arena, the female celebrity has made quite an impact. Celeb fans might be interested in a female celebrity due to their talent, skill, intellect, good looks, or for the impact they have on the masses. There are several who make the same type of impact without ever appearing in a tv show or movie. Whether celeb fans are more of the gritty sports minded type or they enjoy the beauty and elegance of Hollywood we will take our best guess at what astrological sign they have.

You're crazy, funny, honest, and overall awesome!!! People naturally feel comfortable when they're around you, because of your funny and outgoing nature.

There should be only one person in the photo. Face recognition accuracy depends on the resolution and quality of a face image. The system detects the face and creates a facial pattern. System facial point detection can locate the key components of faces, including eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth and position.

Celebrity Quiz - What Celebrity Do I Look Like?

Female Celebrity and Ageing: Back in the Spotlight interrogates the myriad ways in which celebrity culture constructs highly visible ideologies of femininity and ageing, and how ageing female celebrities have negotiated the media in a variety of industrial, historical and national contexts. However, the fact remains that ageing is still widely feared, and growing old is an inherently gendered process, in which ageing women are paradoxically both rendered invisible and subjected to damning scrutiny. Examining a variety of themes and ageing women in the spotlight, from Barbara Stanwyck to Madonna to Charlotte Rampling, the essays collected here forge new critical and conceptual insights into how women grow older in the media, and the implications of this for what Susan Sontag memorably called "the double standard of ageing". She has published numerous articles on contemporary celebrity culture and is the author of Sex and the City and Prime Suspect Female Celebrity and Ageing : Back in the Spotlight. This book is based on a special issue of Celebrity Studies. Elizabeth Taylor ageing and the television comeback movie. Charlotte Rampling in French cinema of the early s. Get a life ladies Your old one is not coming back ageing ageism and the lifespan of female celebrity. Deborah Jermyn.

Please leave empty:. It's completely crazy and unpredictable. Very dark and shy, Indie style. Very skimpy and trashy, but I love looking like that.

A quiz popped up on Yahoo the other day that I thought was so clever. Back a few months ago we did a study to find out if celebrity quizzes were statistically more popular than non-celebrity quizzes, and they are, by a large margin.

Ah, the 80s. Sure, the looks were a little over the top, but there was certainly no lack of great looking actresses. Ever dream about one in particular?

Which celebrity do you look like. I Bet We Can Guess Which Female Celebrity You Look Like

Which celebrity do you look like. Try our latest: , see how much of a liberal, conservative, neo-con, etc. If so, which one do you look like? Use of cookies We use Google analytics and advertising companies to serve ads when you visit our website.

Would you like to know which female celebrity do you resemble? We regularly dream of being the big name we like the most. We adore, pursue, even respect our most loved big names, we discover it an outrageous compliment in the event that we appear as though one of our most loved famous people. We do numerous things to understand that physical appearance as they have. On the off chance that that is the situation, this is the test for you! Let us begin then.

Who’s Your Celebrity Girlfriend?

Ever wished you could see into the future and know how many kids you'll have eventually? We can offer you the next best thing Our personality is influenced by our first moments in this world. See what's your true nature according to your birth date! Believe it or not your favorite color says a lot about you, your strengths, your weakness, and how others perceive you!

Would you like to know which female celebrity do you resemble? We regularly dream of being the big name we like the most. We adore, pursue, even respect.

Answer the questions, to find out which celebrity you're the most like! Created by:. Have you ever wondered which famous celebrity best fits your personality? Take this quiz to find out.

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Our goal at Zoo. We want you to look inward and explore new and interesting things about yourself. We want you to look outward and marvel at the world around you.

What Celebrity Are You? (Only For Girls)






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