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Male victims of domestic abuse implications for health visiting practice

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PMID: Help Contact Us About us. Advanced Search. Violence and Victims. Checking for direct PDF access through Ovid. Abstract Increasing attention to the high prevalence of domestic violence DV and its impact on women's physical and mental health has resulted in expanded services for abused women.

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Review: Male victims of domestic abuse: implications for health visiting practice

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Peckover, Sue Focusing upon children and men in situations of domestic violence: an analysis of the gendered nature of British health visiting. Health and Social Care in the Community, 10 4. ISSN Despite considerable feminist critiques of British health visiting work which have pointed to its gendered nature, this issue has received very little attention within the professional literature.

The emphasis has been upon the 'health' focus, often highlighting the needs of marginalized groups. The recent professional interest in women experiencing domestic violence draws upon a long-standing feminist concern which has established the extent and nature of domestic violence, and the difficulties facing women in seeking help about their situation.

The present paper reports some findings from a study of British health visiting practice in relation to women experiencing domestic violence.

Drawing upon interview data from 24 health visitors, this paper focuses specifically upon health visitors' accounts of their practice in relation to both children and men when they were aware women were experiencing domestic violence. Their concerns, which include child welfare and personal safety illustrate some of the complexities facing practitioners when faced with domestic violence situations.

The analysis also highlights the gendered practices inherent within health visiting work. Focusing upon children and men in situations of domestic violence: an analysis of the gendered nature of British health visiting. DOI: Downloads per month over past year. Comments Notes. View Comments. View Notes. Social problems. Social and public welfare. Abbott P. In: P. The Falmer Press, Basingstoke. Beattie A. In: J. Gabe, M. Routledge, London.

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Male victims of domestic abuse: implications for health visiting practice:

Peckover, Sue Focusing upon children and men in situations of domestic violence: an analysis of the gendered nature of British health visiting. Health and Social Care in the Community, 10 4. ISSN

What is this page? Susan M Perryman, Jane Appleton.

This book brings together international research from scholars and activists on the forms of violence that older women experience into a unique, comprehensive two-volume set. This volume is concerned with understanding the consequences and impacts of violence against older women. The majority of policy and practice has been developed to reflect the dynamics and contexts of violence affecting young women, and most of the available support services had focused on the needs of those of child-bearing age. This volume sheds light on the specific needs and effectiveness of responses to violence against older women, and identifies both challenges and opportunities for developing services that meet older survivor's needs.

Gender based violence overview

Nurses need to use every interaction with patients to detect domestic violence and abuse, which is widespread and has major health implications. Domestic violence and abuse DVA is widespread and has serious, long-term negative effects on health and wellbeing. These vary depending on the nature of the abuse, but usually encompass anxiety and depression. This article discusses why DVA is such a significant health issue, explores health assessment and safety planning in relation to DVA, and suggests what nurses should do if a patient discloses a problem related to DVA. Nursing Times ; online issue 12, It is important to recognise, however, that DVA can occur between partners irrespective of gender or sexuality Bradbury-Jones et al, People subjected to DVA often experience acute and life-threatening trauma, as well as post-traumatic mental illness Ozcan et al, ; Devries et al, Nurses in all settings can play an important role in reducing the ill effects of DVA by detecting it and referring those experiencing abuse to specialist services.

Domestic violence and abuse: multi-agency working

Public health guideline [PH50] Published date: 26 February Domestic violence and abuse can affect anyone, both women and men regardless of their age or where they are from. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence says there needs to be a wider understanding in health and social care, as well as in society as a whole, about how we can help people experiencing it. NICE has published new guidance which aims to help identify, prevent and reduce domestic violence and abuse. It outlines how health services, social care and the organisations they work with can respond effectively to domestic violence and abuse.

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Here you can find information on how routine enquiry of abuse can help address health inequalities aligned with GBV. You can also find information on implementation and training. Routine enquiry involves asking all women at assessment about abuse regardless of whether there are any indicators or suspicions of abuse. It was established in maternity, sexual health, health visiting, substance misuse and mental health settings.

Abuse and violence: health visitors and school nurses ready to respond - by Wendy Nicholson

The European Parliament ,. Strongly condemns all forms of violence against women and girls; takes note that violence and abuse disproportionately affect women, but is concerned that incidents of violence against men perpetrated by a spouse or partner are under-reported by male victims and are not given due attention by police and judicial services;. Notes that violence against women and men is linked with power and control and that violent behaviour can include physical abuse, emotional abuse, isolation, threats, sexual abuse, economic abuse, intimidation, the manipulative use of children or pets and the abuse of a privileged position;. Welcomes the first-of-its-kind study on violence against women conducted by the Fundamental Rights Agency in and calls on the Agency to carry out a study into the prevalence of violence against men;.

Domestic violence is a sensitive issue — people find it hard to discuss domestic violence and the impact it can have both for the individual and the family. Evidence tells us families may live with domestic abuse for a significant period before getting effective help. There are many reasons why families live with domestic abuse for a significant period of time, or return to their abuser after attempting to leave. It may not be apparent to the victim that a relationship is abusive. They may be afraid of the abuser, and fear the consequences for others if they disclose the abuse.

Smyth, Catherine Jane How health visitors from one healthcare organisation in the north of England endeavour to meet the perceived needs to Pakistani mothers living with violence and abuse and the challenges they encounter in keeping such women safe. Doctoral thesis, University of Huddersfield. Domestic abuse is a public health issue with long term health and social consequences for its victims. The prevalence of domestic abuse among women seeking healthcare is higher than in the general UK population and often begins or worsens in pregnancy. Health visitors, because of their role with pregnant women and mothers are in a key position to offer both supportive interventions and to play a preventative role in domestic abuse.

The UK government's definition of domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is “any Women are more likely than men to be the victim of different types of abuse DVA has a major impact upon the health and welfare of women and children. Good Practice Points on Working with Domestic Violence and Abuse Families.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: Domestic abuse is a significant public health issue globally. Although it is recognised that both sexes may be victims of domestic abuse, the phenomenon is commonly understood from the perspective







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