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My boyfriend is not satisfying me in bed

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At all. You never hear them moan or whimper or curse. You catch them glancing at the clock or at their phone. They never initiate sex.



My boyfriend doesn’t satisfy me sexually – therapy

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At all. You never hear them moan or whimper or curse. You catch them glancing at the clock or at their phone. They never initiate sex. They only sleep with you after you encourage them to sleep with you. You catch them faking it. If the sex was good, there would be no reason for them to pretend to orgasm. You refuse to branch out.

They end up finishing themselves off. Sex is always over in under five minutes. They act distant as soon as sex ends. They constantly give you instructions. You have no idea what they like. You never sit back and enjoy the moment. You actually believe the lies pornos tell you. Guess what? They never actually orgasm.

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18 Tragic Signs You Aren’t Satisfying Your Partner Sexually

What can we do? We have been together for eight months and he is very good at pleasuring me. We have sex two or three times a week and I always have at least one orgasm.

Also he lasts about 10 seconds before he comes which leaves me feeling frustrated and rejected. He doesn't make a sound when he comes either.

Even in the early days of our relationship, he has never been able to satisfy me. I feel like sex with him is a race, and the one who orgasms first is the winner, the loser gets nothing, and the winner is always him. I struggle to orgasm through penetrative sex, and I need other forms of sexual contact to get me in the mood. As soon as he has reached his peak, his participation in an intimate night together is over. I often find myself lying in the dark after sex, fuming with sexual frustration, as he falls into a peaceful sleep.

My man does not satisfy me in bed

Even a strong and assertive woman can find herself inexplicably quiet in the bedroom. Why is it so hard to tell him that he's just not hitting the spot? In Sex Ed, there was never a conversation about pleasure or how to obtain it, or what happens if something goes wrong—aside from getting pregnant or an STD. This type of thinking is what leads to loads of women who are unsatisfied in the sack and unable to express themselves effectively—just sort of falling into their sex lives. Doesn't exactly sound thrilling, right? Maybe over a glass of wine at dinner the next night or while you're on the couch, catching up on Netflix. So, why not be clear about what turned you on? Bottom line: most men looooove when they are personally responsible for your sexual satisfaction.

I am frustrated that I can’t sexually satisfy my boyfriend

News is a nonprofit independent media publication. Your tax-deductible contribution helps support our research, reporting, and analysis. My boyfriend does not satisfy me sexually. What can I do?



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Confessions: My boyfriend is too fast in bed and can't satisfy me I hope it is just a case of him being ignorant and selfish as opposed to not even caring what.








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